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In today's business environment, we cannot discuss "the business of the business" at the macro level without embedding "the technology of the business" at the micro. Alpha Technologies Worldwide provide clients the tools to increase productivity, quality, safety, effectiveness, efficiency, and profitability with:

+ Technology Planning

+ Project Management

+ Database and SCM infrastructure development

+ Electronization and Information management

+ Risk Management Framework (RMF) development

+ LEAN Strategy development and implementation

+ Demand Flow Technology® process implementation

+ Leveraging Automation, AI, and Iot

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Within the diplomatic community, "trust but verify" is a statement but in the technical community, its a principle. Whether your industry is software development, manufacturing, retail, logistics, or construction, not adhering to these principles leads to more botched launches, out-of-box failures, rework, shutdowns, and litigations - it could wipe out your entire operation. Save yourself the loss of reputation, money, time, and market positioning, let ATW develop a test and qualification methodology that guarantees the desired output at every run. We help clients with:

+ Test coverage determination

+ Fixturing and instrumentation requirements

+ In-line process testing protocols

+ Process integrity work instructions

+ Procedures and Work Instructions:

+ Milestone, phase, and final completion qualifications

+ Device/system operating procedure

+ In-line process testing protocols

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Technology requirement determination - Let us study your enterprise model to provide technological innovations, applications, and device options available to leverage and optimize resource utilization and deliverables.

Technology architecture design - We will design a comprehensive technology system to integrate across platforms to harness:

+ Information Technology (IT)

+ Operational Technology (OT)

+ Internet of Things (IoT)

Technology infrastructure development - ATW will aide in technology and object selection, procurement, installation, configuration, integration, testing, training, and the documentation of all systems we develop. On contract, we will support same

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ATW provides various services within the compliance management field. We help clients with statutory and regulatory research, industry standard definition and interpretation, and create policies, protocols, and procedures to ensure optimum output of initiatives. We work in the:

+ Business and not-for-profit administrative environment

+ Building and construction industry

+ Product development and manufacturing environment

+ Project planning, implementation, and evaluation phases

+ Supply Chain Management system

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