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Project Management

Alpha Technologies Worldwide provides full project management services for any or all stages of the project cycle. From creating the Project Charter, Project Plan, Project Schedule, Execution, to Documenting and Reporting, we have seasoned project managers from nearly every industry to get the documentation or results clients expect.

If your project scope is well defined, ATW can contract and execute it regardless of complexity. If modification is needed, we can take on the administrative task of clearly defining the scope of work and identify every task, resource requirements, anticipated constraints, potential risks, deliverables, success criteria, documentation requirement and communication protocols, to knowledge transfer and training for ongoing support or project duplication.

Perhaps your project is derailed and expertise is needed to resolve the nuances attracting weak performance and missed milestones. We can conduct a thorough "plan vs. performance" review of your project and trace where deficiencies are stemming from. ATW will analyze or create a work breakdown structure, detailed schedule, work team technical competence requirements, quality requirements and assets required to meet objectives, critical paths and other resource leveling techniques to get back on track, within budget and satisfy deliverables requirements.

Construction Project Management

ATW works with General Contractors, Project Managers, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, and other sub-contractors to do more than prevent "stop work" orders. We recognize the critical nature of the construction industry and the regulatory apparatus that regulates the industry for the safety of project owners and the community. Technical know-how matters.

From assessments, drawing changes, satisfying zoning and code requirements, permitting, personnel safety, site security, materials management, theft and loss prevention, work supervision, pre-inspections, inspections, rework, to closeouts, all phases are critical. We work diligently to ensure clients aren't caught "flat-footed" on phase and milestone completions, inspection, or sign-off.

ATW has a proven track record of working with contractors to successful complete projects. We understand construction, permitting, sub-contractor vetting, pre-inspection readiness, and unfortunately 'rework'. With sound management and coordination with all team leaders and stakeholders, adaptive scheduling of work at every phase, pre-work readiness, material deliveries, inventory management, safety protocols, debris removal, post-work clean-up, and readiness for inspections, we work to ensure each milestone is met successfully and on time, all sign-offs are obtained, and project close-outs happen as contracted.

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